Saturday academy feedback

See our feedback below from parents and students regarding recent Saturday Academy seasons (responses anonymised):

Just brilliant from start to finish.

Really inclusive and engaging for the students

My child has been able to get used to the layout at the college which is helpful as my child is keen to attend when older. Opportunity to explore the course, also had fun and made friends.

My child really enjoyed the course and was engaged with it, and liked the range of animals they were introduced to.

A wide variety of courses. Real value for money. Mixture of ages the courses are available to. Enthusiastic staff.

The children all got a chance to be in college and were treated as young adults. My child absolutely loved the tutor and the experience.

Accessible for my child with disability

Opportunity for students to learn new skills, meet new people, build confidence.

Practical workshops. Good instructors.

Our child completed the course and had an amazing time. Was completely enthused to carry on with what was learnt when got home. I do think the academy also gives an opportunity for our children to try something new without the stress of learning for exams.

The best thing was the fact that it provided an opportunity for my child to learn about alternative career options.

It was great to find a Saturday course in the area my child wishes to work in. Attending the course will be great on my child’s CV.

Enjoyed the course and meeting new people. 

The whole experience was really useful and the staff really inspired my child.

They enjoyed being in college to see how it was, big step for them from high school. They enjoyed the experience and liked the tutors and being in college. Thank you

The practical part, my child was really happy to practice instead of just listening or reading

It’s a great idea to let younger teens try these things out and get a bit of confidence and discover whether it’s something they might enjoy doing more of later.

Keeping my child safe. My child really enjoyed the content of the course

Independence and giving them an idea of college life

Safety and well-being of my child whilst they discovered a new creative talent

Chef Academy: It gave my child a focus for Saturday mornings. Enjoyed every minute – I had a brownie and it was delicious!

My child loved it, we have booked for then next season and it is forming part of my child’s DofE.

Inclusive positive opportunities for everyone

The opportunity for my child to be welcomed into a mature and friendly learning environment, to have fun, meet new people and to come away feeling like a positive experience.

Well organised, friendly staff. My child had a fab time

My child having the opportunity to develop new skills and build confidence.

Gave my child an insight into the college and the course to apply for post 16.

My child absolutely loved it. Wanted to continue all year round.

Well run, structured and organised.

Familiarisation with the college, confident to select this as location for further education when that time comes. Something positive to be doing on a Saturday morning, Learning new skill, widening friendship circle. Fun!

Fun and well-run course

My child left each time with a very positive attitude about the course.

Very fun!